BPI Certified Technicians

Allow our dedicated BPI certified home performance professionals to help you maximize your homes health and safety, comfort, and energy savings. Our inspection team has over 16 years of home improvement and retrofit experience. We will not only diagnose your issue but provide you with the best quality work available.  See details

The Most Advanced Equipment

We will thoroughly inspect your home using the most advanced equipment available, and diagnose any conditions that promote energy loss, moisture problems, and health and safety issues. See details

Air Leaks

Using the data we collect, and the BPI house as a system methodology, we will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing all energy savings measures and incentives available to you. Put your money to work for you. All incentives available funded from System Benefit Charge(SBC) added to your electric bill. Put your money to work for you and start saving today!   See details

Quality Assurance

Our hard working detail oriented Home Performance Technicians will perform high quality energy savings improvements to your home. All improvements will meet or exceed BPI standards and are subject to third party quality assurance inspections. See details

Comfort & Energy Efficient

In the end you will be confident that your home is performing in a manner that represents your families best interest from a financial, health and safety standpoint. Most homes in the United States today do not perform at their maximum cost savings potential. Much of what the home owner pays in utilities is actually lost due to inadequate insulation, air leaks, and inefficient appliances. Energy saving measures performed by BPI accredited contractors can save a home owner between 20 and 50% on See details


Get assessment with ZERO cost or obligation! Call 716-483-0100 for details.



Superior Energy Innovations is your Home Performance Solution!

Through the use of a Whole House Assessment / Energy Audit our highly trained BPI Certified Technicians will guide you in maximizing your home energy performance. We will help you improve your overall comfort, health, and safety while taking advantage of the maximum cost savings opportunities available to every home owner.

As a Building Performance Institute Accredited Contractor we have exclusive access to federal, state, and local programs available to all home owners. Along with the experience and training supplied by BPI comes a extensive quality assurance program to ensure all home performance work is done properly and with the best interest of the home owner in mind. The Building Performance Institute and the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program monitors the work we perform to ensure the homeowner is receiving maximum health, safety, and financial benefit.

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Get assessment with ZERO cost or obligation! Call 716-483-0100 for ...

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