Home Performance Success Stories

“Our new water heater is amazing. It's the same size as the old one, but it works so much better. The new furnace is on a timer and automatically adjusts throughout the day. Thanks to Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, our heating bill is about 30 percent less
than it used to be.”
Ruth Boshart

Annual Savings: $441.52

Project Cost: $8,430

Cost to Homeowner: $4,215

Improvements:the high heating bills, cold showers and drafty living room any longer. They worried that their old furnace and hot water heater might not make it though winter. They had to stuff towels around their leaky bay window and use space heaters to warm up the chilly living room. After hearing an advertisement about Home Performance with ENERGY STAR on the radio, the Bosharts scheduled a comprehensive home assessment to evaluate the performance and energy efficiency of their 1950s Cape-style home in Camillus. EnTherm, Inc., a trained and certified Building Performance Institute (BPI) contractor under the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program, conducted the assessment. After a number of energy efficiency and safety tests, the contractor discovered that not only was the hot water heater inefficient, it was also leaking carbon monoxide. The Bosharts received a detailed report of the other improvements they could make to help them save the most energy with the quickest payback in savings. The Bosharts chose to replace the furnace, hot water heater and the bay window with the help of a grant under the Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program. After making all the recommended improvements, the Bosharts have reduced their gas bills by about 30 percent and have significantly improved the comfort of their home. Take advantage of the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program today and you could reduce your annual energy bill by up to 40 percent. To find a list of BPI Accredited Contractors near you and learn about the financing options available to you! 

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